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A Press Release or Sponsored Articles is a written communication addressed to members of the media with the purpose of announcing something of journalistic interest.

In general, the objective is to attract the attention of the media so that they can choose to be published or broadcast. A press release can announce a series of news, such as scheduled events, promotions, awards, new products and services, financial data, appointments, achievements, news, etc.

Articles for advertising purposes are not recognized as a Press Release.

Content and expected format in a Press Release
A press release should expose news information that is newsworthy, based on objective facts and not opinions. It should include contact details and information about its origin, since a journalist should be able to verify its veracity.

The elements required for a press release on Blog-AdsDogecoin are the following:

  • Title.
  • Place and date.
  • Summary / Synopsis, ideally covering the 5 classic questions of journalism (What, Who / Who, When, Where, Why, How).
  • Body of the statement. Not more than 800 words.
  • Contact information.
  • The editorial team will review the wording and content of the Press Release and will make style suggestions if it deems it necessary.

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Given the volume of submissions received, Blog-AdsDogecoin charges a commission for publishing the press release in most cases. Only on some occasions, given the nature of the announcement, we will publish your press release at no cost.

By submitting payment for your press release, you automatically give Blog-AdsDogecoin the right to correct and translate your text to maintain style and content.

Additionally, you give Blog-AdsDogecoin the right to use your company’s logo, along with other brand elements and images submitted, along with the published press release, and you warrant that you have the legal authority to do this.

We reserve the right to refuse publication of any press release as, but not limited to, fraudulent or inappropriate products. If payment for a press release was made, we will offer a refund as soon as possible.

The price per press release is USD $ 15. we publish articles in English or Spanish

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